Tomboy Movie Reflection

Today in class we screened Tomboy to go alongside today’s readings on Chicana/Latina motherhood and gender/sexuality in this context. I would like ot know what you think about the cartoon. Below are some questions to get you thinking about the assignment.

  • What are some of the main messages from the cartoon?
  • Why is gender something that has to be policed?
  • In the cartoon how do you interpret the representation of the intersections of gender and race? If you don’t see the explicit connection between gender and race/ethnicity does it matter that this Alex – the tomboy – is a Latina character?
  • What do you think of the representation of the mother character?
  • This is meant to be a tool for teachers learning how to teach – is this affective in this sense? What value do you see in encouraging dialogues around these issues to occur through this movie?

These are just some jumping off points. You don’t have to answer these questions but please aim for a 300-500 word response. And remember part of the assignment is to connect the film/media reflection to our readings from this week so please be sure to include at least one quote and fully demonstrate how it ties into your ideas about the cartoon. Please post your response by Noon on Tuesday October 26th.


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