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WS390: Chicana Gender and Sexuality Blog Assignments Fall 2010

Blog posts/activities on the blog are worth 30% of your overall grade. In this course we will have three main assignments to complete and potential room for some extra credit work. The following worksheet explains the expectations for each assignment and the attached pdf shows how you will keep track of your entries.


  • 5 Film/Media Reviews
  • 6 Responses to direct discussion/reading reflections
  • 1 Chicana/Latina reproductive concerns assignment (Pairs)
  • Up to 2 Posts on “This is a Chicana feminist issue because…” (Extra Credit)


  • 1 On one of your peers’ post on Film/Media reviews each time we post a review
  • 6 Throughout the entire semester on any direct discussion/reading reflections
  • 2 Comments on two other groups’ reproductive concerns assignment
  • 2 Your choice


Film/Media Reviews 5 @ 15 (75 points)

After viewing films or other media in the course I will post some questions/prompts to have you discuss in relation to texts we have read or as an extension of our discussions in class. You will have do to this assignment five times throughout the semester.

Responses to direct discussion/reading reflections 6 @ 20 (120 points)

This assignment requires you to think about the readings and discussion in relation to the course material. There will be six weeks where I will pose some questions in which you must directly engage through critical reflection. (We will talk about what this means in class). These entries, should be 200-250 words must respond to the question/s posed as well as draw upon the readings for that week. While these entries can be informal, they should still critically engage with the questions at hand.

Chicana/Latina reproductive concerns assignment 1 @ 40 (40 points)

This assignment will be a group post on contemporary concerns for Chicana/Latinas in the U.S. you will get more information on what will be exactly required of you in this assignment as the due date for this approaches.


Film/Media Reviews 5 @ 5  (25 points)

You are also required to comment on at least one other entry for each film/media review to further spark conversation, pose a question, or illuminate a new thought the original poster’s entry inspires.

Responses to direct discussion/reading reflections 6 @ 5 (30 points)

You are required to post comments on other students’ work for each of the weeks we have a direct engagement question. Your comments should be thoughtful and respectful and they should demonstrate a serious engagement with the issue, and the author of the entry. It can also come in the form of a thoughtful question.

Chicana/Latina reproductive concerns assignment 2 @ 5  (10 points)

To gain full points for this assignment you are required to comment thoughtful responses to the findings of the two other groups. Again, we will discuss this more with the further assignment sheet.


Your Choice Comments 2 @ 5 (10 points)

As part of your participation grade, you are also required to post two additional comments to any entry throughout the entire course. This could be your response to a question or thought posed to your own entry or an additional comment on any of the above blog assignments.

EXTRA CREDIT 2 @ 10 (20 points)

If you want, you can earn up to 20 additional points by posting a thoughtful entry that connects something that is happening in the world to what you deem as a “Chicana feminist issue.” This could be anything related (or not) to the readings or any discussion we’ve had in class. The entry should be a brief discussion of the item/issue you are calling attention to as well as how you see this being a Chicana feminist issue. This should be a 150-200 word entry. Please feel free to embed links or other media if that helps demonstrate your point. This is where you can be creative, feel free to do something fun in this extra credit opportunity.

WS390Blog Assignment Tracking Sheet


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